Wireless Masterclass - Virtual Edition

Wireless Masterclass - Virtual Edition

Wireless microphones and personal monitors are an essential part of almost every audio system, from live entertainment to news broadcasts to business presentations and houses of worship. But changing spectrum availability often makes it difficult to deliver reliable wireless audio in a wide array of venues and under changing RF conditions.

In this five-part virtual seminar edition of our popular wireless training series, we break this course into FIVE essential ONE HOUR sessions. We are hosting one session each day, and invite attendees to complete our online certification test after completing all five sessions.

The series will repeatedly broadcast over the coming weeks to allow those who might miss a session to catch up at a later date. 

Session One: 
The Importance of Wireless & RF Fundamentals

Discover what makes wireless microphones so crucial to modern production values. We'll also explore the key fundamentals of RF transmission, which lay the foundations for your future success as an operator of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems. You will also gain a solid understanding of our available operating spectrum, including key changes you need to be aware of and how this affects the RF landscape.

Date: 22th June | Time: 11am BST

Session Two:
Analogue and Digital RF Transmission

We explore the difference between analogue and digital RF transmission, including how they work, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. As we continue to experience downward pressure on our operating spectrum, we'll uncover why digital transmission schemes can offer some relief to PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events) users of wireless microphones. 

Date: 23rd June | Time: 11am BST

Session Three
Signal Processing + IEM (In-Ear Monitor Systems)

A solid understanding of how your wireless microphone signal is processed in both analogue and digital systems is essential when operating a best practice wireless setup. We also delve into transmission signals in the face of interference and how different methods of antenna diversity mitigate the risk of RF dropouts. Lastly, we touch on In-Ear monitor systems, how they differ from wireless microphones, and how they work.

Date: 24th June | Time: 11am BST

Session Four 
An Introduction to Frequency Coordination

Frequency coordination is vital in the fight against possible outside and system-to-system interference. To avoid interference, each system must operate on a unique frequency. Throughout this session, we walk you through the basics of how to achieve full visibility of the RF environment and assign your systems in a way that significantly reduces the risk of interference. 

Date: 25th June | Time: 11am BST

Session Five
Antenna Fundamentals

An introduction to antennas for wireless microphone systems. We uncover how antennas work, the design basics, how to choose the right antenna for your applications, and how best to place your antenna for optimum performance. Additionally, we explore best practice for antenna distribution, particularly when considering larger system designs.

Date: 26th June | Time: 11am BST


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