Shure Masterclass Courses & Trainings

Shure Wireless Masterclass

The Shure Wireless Masterclass Best Practices & Techniques course covers all aspects of wireless audio to give you, regardless of your level of experience, a solid foundation in the fundamentals of wireless technology to be applied to live, theatre or broadcast events. By thoroughly understanding radio signals, antenna types and distribution, transmitter and receiver design, analogue and digital transmission, frequency coordination, and more, you will be able to confidently select, install, and operate wireless systems in virtually any situation from small informal events to large-scale productions.

This is a one-day training course (10 am to 5 pm) about wireless audio technology rather than product-specific training. The principles and techniques covered apply to any wireless audio system used in a wide variety of situations.



21st February 2024 - The Rose Experience Centre - 24 King William St, London EC4R 9AT

10th April 2024 - The Rose Experience Centre - 24 King William St, London EC4R 9AT


Shure Wireless Workbench Training

Wireless Workbench is a tool for controlling, coordinating and monitoring Shure wireless systems. This free-of-charge, industry-standard software is used every day by technicians across the industry, from small venues and churches to massive, multi-channel Stadium tours and broadcast events. Our full-day training covers all aspects of this software. We start from scratch with the basic software functions and proceed to cover all our advanced coordination tools. By the end of the day - you'll be working on real-world examples of complex shows and events.

This one-day training (10 am to 5 pm) is for everyone from beginners to advanced users. We cover a huge amount of ground and there is something for everyone.

It is recommended that you bring a laptop with Wireless Workbench 7 pre-installed.


20th March 2024 - The Rose Experience Centre - 24 King William St, London EC4R 9AT

24th April 2024 - The Rose Experience Centre - 24 King William St, London EC4R 9AT

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