Broadcast and Location Sound Brochure

Curious about which wireless system to use in your broadcast studio? Want to know more about portable audio solutions for film? Download this free Broadcast and Location Sound Brochure to learn more about industry-standard Shure solutions in microphones, wireless, headphones and more. What’s more, we’ve included several articles from industry experts who do what you do so you can hear from them why they’ve chosen to use Shure for their craft.

Download our free Broadcast and Location Sound Brochure to get greater insight into topics such as:

  • - Why Tod Maitland chose Shure to capture sound for Spielberg’s “West Side Story”

  • - How to choose a shotgun microphone

  • - How to use PSM 1000 for your next IFB setup

  • - Which Shure lavalier meets your broadcast or film needs

  • - And a whole lot more...

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