WWB & Channels for SLX-D

Shure is excited to announce Wireless Workbench® 6 software and ShurePlus™ Channels iOS app compatibility for SLX-D. Digital Wireless. Both are part of the industry-standard platform of Shure RF and network management tools that professionals rely upon for critical oversight and control of Shure networkable devices.

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Wireless Workbench 6 Software is simply the easiest way to manage your networked wireless channels. Automatically connect and with a few clicks identify and deploy open frequencies. Make real-time adjustments from your computer, without interrupting the performance.

Download the ShurePlus Channels iOS app to manage your networked Shure wireless. Monitor RF signal strength, audio levels, and remaining battery life and adjust remotely as required – keeping the production seamless.

Wireless Workbench 6® and ShurePlus™ Channels with SLX-D compatibility will be available for download in the Summer of 2021.

Powerful, affordable wireless that scales to match your need. It’s never been easier.


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